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The Motley and Stripe Genes

The Motley and Stripe mutant genes are alleles and have the same locus. Every corn snake has one of the following six possible gene pairs at this locus:
  1. two Normal genes (normal)
  2. two Motley genes (motley)
  3. two Stripe genes (stripe)
  4. a Normal gene and a Motley gene (het motley)
  5. a Normal gene and a Stripe gene (het stripe)
  6. a Motley gene and a Stripe gene
When a snake has the Motley gene paired with the Stripe gene, the pattern is not the same as the normal pattern. In this case the snake shows a variable phenotype. Some look like snakes with two motley genes, and some show small or large amounts of influence from the Stripe gene. However, such snakes never look like a snake with two Stripe genes. Because of this it is assumed that Motley is dominant to Stripe with variable expressivity.

Typically snakes with both Motley and Stripe genes are called "Motley het Stripe" which is not actually the correct notation even though Motley is the observed phenotype. Really they should be described as "het Motley/Stripe".

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