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The Corn Calculator - Online corn snake genetics

Trade Names

When corn snakes have more than one visual trait they are usually given a trade name.
This list will tell you what genes make up your corn. The genes can then be put in to the calculator.
Patterns such as Motley and Stripe can be added as well.

Trade NameGenes
Amber Caramel, Hypo
Amel Cinder Amel, Cinder
Amel Terrazzo Amel, Terrazzo
Anery Caramel Anery, Caramel
Anery Charcoal Anery, Charcoal
Anery Lavender Anery, Lavender
Anery Pewter Anery, Charcoal, Diffused
Avalanche Amel, Anery, Diffused
Blizzard Amel, Charcoal
Butter Amel, Caramel
Caramel Ice Anery, Caramel, Lava
Charcoal Terrazzo Charcoal, Terrazzo
Citrine Amel, Anery, Caramel, Hypo
Coral Avalanche Amel, Anery, Diffused, Hypo
Coral Ghost Anery, Hypo/Strawberry
Coral Snow Amel, Anery, Hypo
Diamond Charcoal, Lava
Diffused Amber Caramel, Diffused, Hypo
Diffused Caramel Caramel, Diffused
Diffused Cinder Cinder, Diffused
Diffused Gold Dust Ultramel, Caramel, Diffused
Diffused Ice Anery, Diffused, Lava
Diffused Lava Diffused, Lava
Diffused Opal Amel, Diffused, Lavender
Diffused Platinum Anery, Charcoal, Diffused, Hypo
Diffused Ultramel Ultramel, Diffused
Dilute Anery (Blue) Anery, Dilute
Dilute Snow Amel, Anery, Dilute
Fire Amel, Diffused
Ghost Anery, Hypo
Lavender Ghost Anery, Hypo, Lavender
Gold Dust Ultramel, Caramel
Granite Anery, Diffused
Honey Caramel, Sunkissed
Hypo Amel Amel, Hypo
Hypo Butter Amel, Caramel, Hypo
Hypo Cinder Cinder, Hypo
Hypo Diffused Diffused, Hypo
Hypo Granite (Ghost Bloodred) Anery, Diffused, Hypo
Hypo Kastanie Hypo, Kastanie
Hypo Lavender Hypo, Lavender
Hypo Opal Amel, Hypo, Lavender
Hypo Pewter Charcoal, Diffused, Hypo
Hypo Plasma Diffused, Hypo, Lavender
Hypo Sulfur Amel, Caramel, Diffused, Hypo
Hypo Sunkissed Hypo, Sunkissed
Ice Anery, Lava
Lava Butter Amel, Caramel, Lava
Lavamel Amel, Lava
Lavamel Terrazzo Amel, Lava, Terrazzo
Mandarin Amel, Kastanie
Opal Amel, Lavender
Peach Caramel, Hypo, Lavender
Pewter Charcoal, Diffused
Phantom Charcoal, Hypo
Plasma Diffused, Lavender
Plasma Ghost Anery, Diffused, Hypo, Lavender
Platinum Anery, Charcoal, Hypo
Powder Amel, Anery, Charcoal, Hypo
Quartz Amel, Anery, Charcoal, Diffused
Salmon Snow Amel, Anery, Strawberry
Snow Amel, Anery
Snopal Amel, Anery, Lavender
Sulfur Amel, Caramel, Diffused
Sunkissed Amel Amel, Sunkissed
Sunkissed Amber Caramel, Hypo, Sunkissed
Sunkissed Anery Anery, Sunkissed
Sunkissed Butter Amel, Caramel, Sunkissed
Sunkissed Cinder Cinder, Sunkissed
Sunkissed Lava Lava, Sunkissed
Sunkissed Snow Amel, Anery, Sunkissed
Orchid Lavender, Sunkissed
Topaz Caramel, Lava
Ultra Caramel Ultra, Caramel
Ultra Sunkissed Ultra, Sunkissed
Ultramel Anery Ultramel, Anery
Ultramel Lavender Ultramel, Lavender
Ultramel Sunkissed Ultramel, Sunkissed
Whiteout Amel, Charcoal, Diffused
Xanthic Snow Amel, Anery, Caramel