The Corn Calculator

The Corn Calculator - Online corn snake genetics

About the Corn Calculator

- The corn calculator allows you to see the possible outcomes from a pairing of corn snakes.
- The output presented is an indication only and shows the probability for each hatchling.
- No Responsibility can be accepted for errors or the actual outcome of any breeding!
- Every effort will be made to keep up to date with the latest morphs and understanding of corn genetics.
- In the results panel, the phenotype section is used to group visual traits together. Genotype lists all possible traits, both visual and hidden.

- Only traits that are pure corn are represented by the corn calculator. Hybrids and Intergrades are not covered.

- The Corn Calculator has been developed in association with Ians Vivarium and links through to the corn morph guide.

- To report errors, problems or to make suggestions please email Adam Clarke

- Great thanks go to all the people who have helped to bring this application together;
- My long suffering wife Debbie.
- The moderators at Ians Vivarium, especially Ian and Johan.
- Paul Hollander for the glossary and details on dominant, recessive and codom genes.